HP 15-inch Laptop Intel Core i5 Review

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This is a good decent laptop for school kids or college students. Not for business use. The specs on the sellers site are deceiving. The screen quality is not what it says. It’s just a typical LCD screen that has a little more brightness than it’s older predecessor. It does not have backlit keys and the keyboard lettering can’t hardly be seen.

The laptop feels cheap and fragile. I get worried when carrying it. Hard drive is not upgradeable. The battery life does not last as long as stated in the Sellers site. We ran tests using several programs and browsing the internet. Overall, it is not designed for creative design. As stated it is good for home use, school kids and college students. Not good for traveling even though it is a little light and it is overpriced. We donated ours to a school.

A new, light, well designed product. The camera is not as good as described but totally acceptable for an online class. This version works well with zoom, can handle advanced features like virtual background. Set up was easy

I’ve had this product for about a month and really have no complaints. Boots up quick with no delay. My only issue is with the on/off switch. It’s too small. Also, I miss not having an indicator light showing when “caps lock” is on. Other than these two issues I really like the unit!

Set up was a breeze. Screen size and keyboard are great. The price was great. I’m glad it’s not a touchsceen. I had that feature on my last one and I would only recommend that if you really need it. Brushing hair or lint off the screen always messed things up. So far this laptop has been awesome and just what i needed.

HP 15-inch Laptop Intel Core i5 Review | | 4.5